A guide to Exploring Australia

You just left the airport in a beautiful rental car a few minutes ago. This car is a shiny Kia with airconditioning and large wheels that seem to lift the car up more. Your family will be traveling in style here and they will also be very comfortable. One of our favorite things about booking a car rental from Gold Coast rental company’s is that you have the freedom to go wherever you like.  You can take your family on long trips to see the beautiful Australian land and enjoy the company of each other as well.

Ask your family where they want to go. If they say to the beach then you can always go to Surferscar-rental-from-gold-coast Paradise. This lovely place has everything you really need. They offer surfing lessons and even scuba diving. Being able to swim beneath the sea is a captivating experience that one will never forget. Under the sea, you will encounter schools of fish, dolphins and even see some star fishes. You’ll run into some of the most beautiful and interesting mammals on the planet. Be sure to bring your underwater camera!

There are also other things to do in Australia. Why not hop into your rental car and take a scenic drive? You can see the tall Australian mountains tipped off by a small amount of snow. Be sure to bring some games for your kids. We all know that kids can easily become bored and this is why we suggest doing this. You can always bring a checkers board game or let them play something fun like a handheld video game. You could also give both of them earphones if you want.

How about bringing the kids to the Lone Pine Kola Sanctuary? This facility is located in Brisbane and is family friendly, with tons of Koalas crawling around. This Australian zoo is highly unique and since you can pet the animals, it is not like any other zoo we have seen. Did you know that your children can even hug a Koala? Go ahead and have them strike a pose so this way you can get a picture of them in this adorable pose. They even have Kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and Dingoes in the zoo, among many other animals. The best part is that you can purchase food for the Kangaroos and feed it to them.  They also have animal shows to watch if you want to enjoy some entertainment and take a break from walking. This zoo is open from 8:30A.M all the way until 5P.M so make sure you get there early.

Another place that you may be interested in his the Queensland art gallery. This is actually a museum in the middle of Brisbane and has many paintings or statues that you can admire. The exterior of the museum might have an odd design but it screams the word “art” to you and you know it’s a way of displaying creativity. You can sit down in one of their outside table settings and enjoy a cup of tea or sip on some water if you like. Around the museum, the landscape really compliments the museums design.

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