After you rent your car – A Road Guide

Renting a car from a rental company is always an easy process but what about after you rent your car? There are a few things you need to do after you’ve rented the car such as taking good care of the vehicle, not becoming distracted, bringing extra items, stocking up on items to put in the car, driving slowly, and entertaining the family. By being prepared, you will be able to concentrate on getting to your destination instead of worrying about other things. Travelers who do this are usually more experienced but by getting into this habit, you’ll do this all the time when you come to Australia. For example with a Gold Coast airport car hire you want to make sure you are calm and know where to go once you have collected your vehicle. It’s a great way to start your trip!

Watch the Road
Always keeping your eyes on the road is crucial if you don’t want to get into an accident. If the kids are fighting in the back, they need something to entertain them but we’ll explain that later. Let your spouse or friend deal with the kids. Do not try to glance back at them or even turn all the way around. You never know when there is an oncoming truck coming toward you. Remember that not all drivers are alert on the road so if you think they will see you first – you are wrong. Some are sleepy, some are emotionally disturbed and others might even be intoxicated. This can be scary, considering you have your whole family in the car. Protect them by watching the road at all times.

gold-coast-airport-car-hireDrive Slowly
Always drive slowly and never slam on the brake. You can do something called “cruising” where when you approach a light, you let your foot off the gas. This should be done when you are far from the gas. The best thing is that this will save you gas and also you don’t have to come to rough stops that disturb everyone in the car. However, try not to do this when people are behind you because they may not be paying attention and will crash into your back end. Driving a few miles under the speed limit means that if you crash, the impact won’t be as hard if you were going a few miles faster. This is why it’s always best to take your time in Australia.

Pack extra items
Packing extra items will help you deal with other problems that can occur in the car. If the baby soiled their diapers, they’ll need another diaper and instead of doing an emergency stop at the store – you can take one out of the diaper bag. If the kids are complaining about being thirsty, you can pull out ice cold water that you left in the freezer before packing for the trip.

Entertain the family
If you are going on a long drive, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your family. This is a fun time where all of you can talk about what places you are going to see and what is there to do within those locations. Feel free to explain to your kids about the history of each location and let them know more. Soon they will be as excited as you are. Or, another option would just be to sing-a-long together in the vehicle.