Gold Coast Airport

At the Gold Coast Airport, you’ll be assured that you don’t have to wait in long lines to get through and with arriving, you’ll be in and out. After all, you only need to pick up some of your luggage and take a cab to wherever you like. Also, if you plan on departing at the Gold Coast Airport to go back home, you’ll be happy to know that this place has at least 3 car parks with 2,000 spaces available. There are also many taxis here if you need a ride to or from a certain destination.

car_hire-gold_coast_airportMost airports won’t allow you to park close to the terminal but here at Gold Coast Airport, they are very lenient with this. Now you won’t have to long distance just to get into the airport and this will save you time if you are running late or just want to get a head start. Their parking starts at just $15 daily and the terminal opens at 4:30am. As an alternative car hire Gold Coast airport can be arranged easily online and collected at the airport.

From 11:00pm to 4:30pm, the Gold Coast terminal will be on a lock down to ensure security of the airport. When this happens, you cannot sleep or lounge in the terminal overnight so be sure to avoid those times and plan something convenient.

The Gold Coast Airport employee members are here to help you with any requests or take your baggage. You’ll notice that the flight receptionists and attendants are friendly and will help you with any concerns you may have regarding the terminal or the flight itself. The single facility has bathrooms, places to sit, and a pick up or drop off place for luggage.

For parking, if you need to access disabled spaces – you’ll have plenty of spots open for this. The Gold Coast Airport monitors each area of parking, making sure that people without a disabled sticker will not park in your place. Also, there are many toilets for disabled people along with brail signage for those who are vision-impaired.

Prior to going to the airport, you’ll need to know what items you cannot bring. Such items you cannot bring include sharp kitchen utensils, any type of tool, and some sporting goods. The Gold Coast Airport does not accept these items because there is a possibility that someone could be perforated or injured with these items. Also, obvious items cannot be allowed such as firearms or any type of knives. If there are any prohibited type of items that you need sent home, make sure you leave the items with a friend or family member. This way they can send you a package in the mail.

If in the event you do not know whether a certain item is prohibited, it’d be best to ask before you go there. You can call the Gold Coast airport and ask them if you need to leave the particular item or not. They have a list of every item that is not accepted and although their list to the public is not complete, asking is the best idea. This will save you time from having to go back and drop your item off at a friend’s or family members place.