Gold Coast Beach Care

Do you love and respect our environment? Then why not do something about it? If you enjoy going to the beach and socializing with new people, they have something called the “Beach Care” community planting event. This is free and you can give back to our environment. It takes place on the Gold Coast in an area called Shearwater Esplanade. If you are enthusiastic enough to fly in then gold coast airport car hire is easily arranged upon arrival.

gold-coast-airport-car-hireThere are not many people out there who are willing to clean up our beaches. Well – not enough anyways. Sometimes we’ll see a few people out there that pick up the mess visitors leave. It saddens us to see how much litter is thrown around the beaches. For example, you could see broken beer bottles, plastic coke holders, and even poisonous wastes. All of this stuff is dangerous to sea life and even the birds. They could easily pick up a plastic coke holder and become entangled. These birds are the only creatures that keep our beaches clean naturally. People tend to leave food out when they are too lazy to find a garbage can and this is where the birds swoop down to eat. On top of that, there are many papers just lying around, needing to be picked up.

The Beach Care community will offer planting for species of plants that are rare and also taking out any weeds that have grown too much. You are also welcome to pick up any trash along the beach, if planting isn’t your favorite thing to do. Get creative and join the community. This activity is for environmentalists to socialize with one another and even bring their family. Kids of any age are allowed to come. Feeling thirsty after all of this hard work? They will also be serving morning tea at absolutely no cost. Giving back to the community is certainly fun and if you want to make new friends, this is the best way to do it. Many of the people here are good-hearted and have the same interests as you, such as helping the environment.

This event starts on March 9th of 2013, at exactly 9AM. Don’t worry if you miss it. There are plenty of other opportunities to give back to our environment. Be sure to bring everything you need such as sunscreen and a hat. At Runaway Bay, the beach gets incredibly hot and you don’t want to get a sunburn. It is important to wear the right shoes. We recommend sandals since you do not want sand to seep into your tennis shoes. Bring two pairs if you wish. This way you won’t get the car dirty and can just slip on your other pair.

Some people like take a break and run through a few low waves. If you decide to bring your family and not everyone wants to help, they are welcome to set up a picnic near the water. Just be sure to have them throw all their garbage away. In the meanwhile, you can be helping with all the digging and planting. Thanks to you – within a few months our beach life will be restored, blooming with new plants.