How to Treat your Rental Car

You have a beautiful 2008 BMW 328 that you just received from the rental company. In fact, you are driving this beauty right as we speak. There are a few things you are concerned about though since you are driving in an unfamiliar territory in the vast land of Australia. While you don’t have to worry about hitting any Kangaroos that hop along the road, what you do need to concentrate on is the overall state of the car. Treating your car as your own really isn’t an option. You need to treat it better than that because since the car is not yours, you will be liable for any damage. By any damage, we mean even a scratch. It is easy for anything to happen to the car and you could be driving on the road while some overgrown trees can scratch the car with their branches. Considering car rentals at the gold coast airport for example, you can see it is easy for the vehicle to become damaged and this is why you need to be careful. There are a few tips we have for you so you can bring back your vehicle in pristine condition just like the way you first got it at the rental company.

First of all, you should always drive slow on the road. This will decrease your chances of getting car-rentals-at-the-gold-coast-airportinto an accident although you shouldn’t drive too slow. The reason for this is because you will be able to register everything that is going on around you before you get into an accident. At high speeds, you won’t have enough time to think of what to do before the accident happens. Also, if you are going by some foliage that could scratch the car or something on the road that could damage it, all you need to do is go around it. This is why looking ahead is always a good idea so try not to be distracted.
Whenever you park the rental car, make sure you have some sort of security available. For example, you can use a special device that locks the wheel. This will deter a thief from stealing it because once they see that lock, they will move onto the next car. They know how difficult to is to get the lock off and figure by the time you get back, they’ll get caught since they are still there working on the car.
Taking care of  your car means you should always leave it the way it was. If you have it for a week or two, it is important that you throw away any food wrappers or items that are lying around in the car. Better yet – why don’t you throw away everything as it comes? For example, if you are eating gum in the car after taking it out of the wrapper, throw the empty wrapper out right away.
Or, you can have a small car garbage can. Before you go back to the rental company, clean up the interior of the car. You could easily incur charges if the car was not exactly the way it was.