Surfers Paradise

surfers-paradise-car-hireSurfers Paradise is a wonderful area for single tourists, big families, couples, friends, and even groups. In the Gold Coast, you’ll notice that there are plenty of bikers or backpackers who tour the area. Feel free to join them and get some exercise while admiring the scene. If you are looking for a place to rest after your lengthy flight, you’ll find a few youth hostels or budget beds. They are located a few miles away from the city but it is certainly worth the trip!

Surfers Paradise is located on the esplanade and only takes a few blocks to walk to the beach. Cavill Mall is directly in the middle of Surfers Paradise, making it a great place to go shopping or search for food if you are hungry. There are cafes and restaurants located inside and outside of the mall. Surfers Paradise car hire companies are easily found should you need your own independent transport.

If you are going out with your spouse and want to bring back romance into the relationship, how about checking into a honeymoon suit? Most of the honeymoon suites in Surfers Paradise offer a complimentary bottle of wine, Jacuzzis, a place to swim, and even chocolates in the room. To ensure your experience, we recommend choosing a four or five star hotel. Try doing a quick search online to see what they have in Surfers Paradise. Preparing before your trip is a great way to reduce stress and begin a fun journey with your significant other.

Many of the people who go on vacation are there to party or there is a good chance you’ll meet some wild people who love dancing and drinking. In case you are not into this sort of thing and would like to embark on a relaxed vacation, you should visit from December through January. There is still plenty to do during these months and you will enjoy your experience even more.

There is also a motor racing carnival in the area which accounts for most of the buzz during late October. If you want to join the crowd and see this event for yourself, we recommend booking 5-6 months ahead of time. This event is so popular that people will travel from all the way across Australia or the world to see it.

A trip to the beach will leave you refreshed and full of energy. Did you know that Surfers Paradise is considered one of the safest beaches? There beach is flagged so you’ll know not to go too far out. Shark attacks are very rare. With so many people around, you’ll be in safe hands. From time to time, there are lifeguards around to monitor the area. You’ll notice that all of the beaches in Australia are different. For example, some have red beaches while others have high mountains and rocks. Some beaches even sparkle with white sand, looking incredibly clean. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so be sure to bring your camera to create a memory of a lifetime!

If you prefer to take some time away from the beach, they have some places not far where you can go rope jumping and enjoy mini-golf. They even have a placed called “Dracula’s Haunted House” for tourists who like a good scare. The Infinity Illusion Centre is also a great place to visit.