Things to do In Australia

Are you looking for things to do in Australia with your family or friends? If so, we have the perfect guide for you. Depending on what kind of things you enjoy doing, you can either visit the beach or see a huge city. There are many fantastic reefs in the area where you can get up close and personal with aquatic life. As far as the city goes, you’ll be able to drive around at night and enjoy the lovely scene of lights everywhere. In Australia, everything seems to light up and this is why so many people prefer staying in the city. Also, everything is close by like the hotels and also the restaurants. Australia has some of the finest restaurants and you can pick from classic Australian food, Italian, and even Chinese. No matter where you are from, you are sure to find the food you like here. If you want to learn about the history of some of Australia’s breathtaking parks, you can visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta as your first trip. Car hire in Brisbane can be arranged easily if that is your starting point, otherwise we recommend going to Tasmania which has many parks in the area and friendly people. Before you explore any of these places, it’s important you have a rental car. Here are just a few places you can go to:

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
This national park is featured all around the world and in some of the most famous magazines. They even refer to it as being in the heart of Australia. This is a very popular landmark in Australia and those who grew up there know it well. Once you set foot onto the park, you’ll feel the calm ancient spirit join you. This place has been around for hundreds of years and they consider it a sacred site. Many tourists comb the area each day to learn about it’s history.

car-hire-in-brisbaneCity of Melbourne
Melbourne is the 2nd largest city in Australia and some people even look at it as a cultural capital. This city has a bit of everything in it like shopping malls, botiques, restaurants, and even sport centers. It also has garden areas scattered throughout the city so if you want to escape to a garden area to relax, this would be a great spot.

Tasmania Island
Tasmnia is located within the reserves and also the national parks. Here is where you will see many forms of wild life and plenty of foliage. If you want to enjoy nature for what it is, stop here to enjoy a picnic with the family.
You can even go bird watching or walk along the river bank. With incredibly clear water, this would be the perfect area to swim so be sure to bring a bathing suit and hop in!

Sydney Harbor
Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and once you feast your eyes on the city, you’ll know there are tons of activities to enjoy. You can go to the Sydney Opera House which is considered one of the most elegant places inside the city once you go inside. Even on the outside, it looks like a masterpiece with half shaped circular designs around the exterior of the Opera House.

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