5 Things for the Kids to do in your Rental Car

If you are planning on taking a little day trip in your rental car for at least an hour or more, it is time to find ways to occupy your kids. Children who are anywhere from 3-12 years old can be a handful on some trips because they are constantly questioning you on when they will get there. This is normal for every child as time goes by slow for them. What you can do is come up with some family games to play, buy some board games, or even get them interested in technology. All of these things will make the time go by quicker for your kids and they won’t be annoying you as much when you are trying to concentrate on the road. Discount car hire in the gold coast will still get you a modern car with all the right features.

Using music is a great way to keep your kids calm and allow them to relax in the car. You can either sing along to family songs in the car or if they are too old for that, just pick up a CD player with their favorite CD. If they have an iPhone, they can simply play music from there. Just make sure they have a pair of headphones that are comfortable.

Board Games
Believe it or not, board games are a great way to take away any boredom your kids may have. Although it may be a bumpy ride in the car – they can still manage to play. For example, a game of checkers would be fine or even chinese checkers. You can also have them play Candy Land. There are plenty of games to find so make sure you buy a few before going onĀ  your trip. You can find them by going on eBay or going to your nearest retail store.

Family Games
Playing family games are always fun and can bring everyone together. If you are trying to stay away from technology and want to get everyone reacting with one another, try playing family car games. This could be games like “I Spy” or “Sweet and Sour.” There are over fifteen fun games to play in the car so it’s a good idea to find some if you don’t know any.

Yes, that’s right! We said eating… Kids love yummy foods so why not bring them their favorite snack? When they are too busy eating, they won’t be asking you when they will get there. If you don’t have enough time to make food, you can always stop by a fast food restaurant and pick something up for them. They might even get a kids meal or just pick up their favorite burger. This will keep them busy for awhile.

Watching TV
If you rented a car with a TV in it, then the kids will be happy to know they can watch whatever they like. So they don’t fight about the movie, you can say that you only have one movie available or a better idea would be to play “Rock-Paper-Scissors” game. If your rental car doesn’t have a TV or you don’t plan on getting one, you can always stick to Netflix on the iPhone. Or, they also have mini TV systems you can bring along with you and these are hand portables.