Brisbane City Indian Restaurants

You’ve always loved visiting Indian restaurants and dining out from time to time with the family. However, if you are someone who goes to your favorite restaurant on a weekly basis, it might be difficult for you to find a new restaurant. Experiencing new types of foods from different cultures will not only open your mind – but your taste buds as well. For visitors to Brisbane who need transport brisbane airport car hire is readily available on arrival, or can be booked online in advance.

brisbane-airport-car-hireIf you have never tried eating Indian food before, you will be surprised with the quality of taste. Upon walking into an Indian restaurant, you will begin to smell unfamiliar spices and even see some tortilla like breads. However, these are not tortillas. Most of their breads don’t have that much flavor, which is why they use many “curry” sauces. In India, they have more than thirty types of curry sauces. Some of them are made from vegetable dips while others are heavily spiced.

A menu will do good if you are unfamiliar with the Indian names of the food. Most restaurants will add a description which is located right under the name of the dish they offer. This will let you know which ingredients are included. If you are allergic to any type of food, make sure to ask the server if that ingredient is included. Sometimes they do not list them since only a small amount is added.

Remember that there are many Indian restaurants located in Brisbane. If you want to take the family out or have a quiet night alone, eating your favorite meal – go ahead! It is always a good idea to treat yourself once and awhile.

There is one particular Indian restaurant in Brisbane, called “Spice of India”. Inside, there are many delicious foods being served and a variety of different meat and vegetable dishes. You will see stacks of bread being served with a favorite curry sauce as well. The restaurant has bright lighting, with beautiful Indian artwork hanging on the walls. Most of the dishes they serve are from Northern India and the entrees start at $2 or more. Their famous dish is the Chicken Kudai, which we highly recommend if you are unsure of what to get.

Another restaurant we suggest is the Punjabi Place. Chef and owner Baljit Signh makes some of the best dishes we’ve ever tasted. He has thirteen years of experience in cooking Indian food and this is what makes him one of the best chefs in his field. You can find vegetarian dishes and even a dish for meat lovers as well. The cooking comes from North and South India, giving you a wide variety of foods to eat. They are usually open from noon until late night. On Tuesdays, they are only open until 2pm so be sure to arrive early! The environment is absolutely beautiful and their staff is very helpful. They will be happy to answer any questions about new dishes you’d like to try. Why not take out the family to enjoy a nice Indian dinner with you at the Punjabi Place? We are confident you will have a great dining experience and the family memories will always be there.