Staying Calm On A Car Trip

Road trips with the family, during school  holidays for example, will be cherished memories to keep for life. Make them as happy as possible by avoiding the frustrations of irritable, bored or hungry children and fellow travelers..

Of course the trick to this is simply some planning and thought before hand. Put in some time to plan and prepare and you will have a great time with your family. Some of the main factors to consider are suggested below. Make sure you start with a safe, reliable and comfortable vehicle particularly if you are using Brisbane car hire company or hiring from another location.

Kids need entertainment

brisbane-car-hireWith a wealth of lightweight, portable entertainment available today, for example iPads, iPods, the leapfrog for younger kids you should have no trouble providing entertainment in the car. Don’t forget to bring the various chargers that might be needed for your devices. It’s a good idea to have plenty of fresh batteries too if that is what drives your equipment.
Also have any game discs or memory cards with you too if those are appropriate for your device.

For movie lovers, that means all kids, a DVD player is not expensive for the car or hire car. It’s a good idea to have headphones too, nothing is more annoying or distracting for the driver than loud noises from movies and games. Have a selection of your kids favorite movies with you and even the longest trips will be boredom free.

When you travel

Since every child is different you would be wise to put a little thought into when you will be traveling.
You know your kids best and there may be a time of day that will be best for them to be in the car for a longer period than usual. The morning may be best for the child who embraces the day whereas another child may be grouchy first thing and take longer to settle in to each day. So choose your travel time wisely.

Age and routine will be different for every family. If you have younger kids then planning your travel around significant times such as afternoon sleep can make the journey less stressful. Kids are prone to fall asleep on a longer car ride so make sure you take this into consideration if possible.

Be prepared for everything

Nothing sends a parent into a panic more than the words ‘i’m feeling sick’ coming from the back seat on a car trip. If you know you or your child is prone to travel jitters then you can take steps before hand. Travel pills, avoiding treats etc before the journey can help. Even if your child is generally good in the car it is always a good idea to bring some sick bags and plenty of water and light snacks on a journey.

You may or may not know that reading and other in-car boredom relief can also cause sickness. It can simply be a case of fixing your gaze, or your childs back on the road for a while and the sick feeling will go away. Plenty of fresh air and fluids, such as ginger ale can help too.