About the Brisbane Airport – Nearby hotels and what to bring

Preparing for an exciting trip to Australia involves a lot of planning ahead of time and you must also know what destinations you want to go to before you come to the Brisbane Airport. You certainly won’t know what hotels are booked and which ones are available. Looking through a variety of different hotels based on location, price, accommodations, and so forth will help you plan a stress free visit to the hotel.
Another important consideration is transport. Car rental Brisbane Airport wide can even be arranged online before you arrive.

What to bring on your trip
The essential items any traveler will need is at least a week of clothes. A pair of clothes for each day would be fine. If you plan on going for two weeks, we don’t recommend bringing two week’s worth of clothes. There are plenty of places to have your laundry done in Brisbane and you’ll want to pack lightly. You’ll also need basic items such as a toothbrush, floss, hairbrush, and a few snacks in case you get hungry. If you plan on going to the beach then you’ll need to bring some moisturizer, sunscreen, towels, and a proper bathing suit. It’s not the best idea to bring hair styling items such as a blow dryer, straightened or curler. Many of the hotels already offer blow dryers inside the bathroom. Brining anything that involves having to plug something into the wall won’t be beneficial to you anyways, unless you have a plug adapter. Make sure you purchase an adapter before going and this will really help you.

car-rental-brisbane-airportNearby Hotels
There are many nearby hotels in the airport but one that stands out the most is the Novotel Brisbane Airport hotel. This was the very first hotel to be built within the airport itself. They have business facilities such as meeting rooms and there are about 157 rooms in total for guests looking to book. Sometimes the hotel is busy so making a reservation ahead of time is a good idea. The hotel is spacious and also features a cafe area where you can enjoy snacks or breakfast. Each room includes cable, wireless, TV, a mini bar, shower, plenty of towels and room service. If you don’t prefer room service, you can always head down to their restaurant that is located inside the hotel. One of the amenities we like the most is their bar/lounge, hot tubs, bath tubs, fitness center, pool and sauna. If you love relaxing in the Jacuzzi after a vigorous work out – your stay this hotel will be well remembered.

If you are on a budget when comes to staying in hotels but still want to book something that is clean, safe, and guest friendly – why not check out some of the surrounding hotels. We’ve heard the Mantra on Queen is nice. The majority of their rooms have basic facilities and are bright, creating an environment that gives you energy. Also, it’s a bargain price for just $125 a night.

Another well liked hotel is over at Colonial Village Motel and Villas. This is a very simple hotel which features a bed, small kitchen area, and a bathroom. The floors are made of wood and there is a place to sit down so you can work on your laptop. You can also sit outside the patio or take a dip in the pool if it’s a hot day. At only $88 per night, you are certainly getting a great deal here.