Exploring the Gold Coast

car-rental-gold-coastThe Gold Coast is absolutely breath taking and feature’s many of Australia’s finest attractions. The majority of the tourists you see in Australia will be in this area. This is because there is so much to do here and you will practically never get bored! The landscape is covered in glittering sand with tall buildings taking up most of the inner portions of the city. The beach surrounds the area and also has some fresh plant life around. What makes the Gold Coast so unique is that it caters to a number of different people. There are recreational parks, fine restaurants, shopping boutiques, and even markets. Do yourself a favor and visit the Gold Coast. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. Even better, arrange your car rental gold coast wide or online before you arrive.

If you want to dive right into the fun of Australia, visit Adventure Parc. Here you can go on the Black Course which is an amazing zip line adventure. They have about 85 mission in the park and it is very affordable for anyone to take part in the park events. Here you’ll get an energy boost and even come to find that your adrenaline is rushing. Make sure you meet their height requirement which is 1.6m arms up. and for the Black Course, it is 1.8m arms up. While going on the zip lines, you must always be wearing your shoes. At Adventure Parc, you’ll need to call in order to book your special day. Let them know how many people are going and ask if they have any specials. During most of the summer days, you can enjoy their special discount packages.

Do you have younger children and want to create a memory of a lifetime for them? If you visit Surfer’s Paradise, you’ll be able to find an area called “The Spit”. Over here is where you can go on the Aquaduck which is a boat that takes you sight-seeing along the coast. It’s a few blocks away from the Palazzo Versace. Once you get on the Aquaduck, you and your children can look at the many sights that pass you by. You’ll see places such as Seaworld, the Australian Fair, Mariners Cove, and The Yacht Club. By passing by some of these locations, you’ll also get a few ideas on where to go next. The best part is that your child will receive their own Aquaduck License certificate after this experience. You can hang it up in their room and remind them of the family trip to Australia from time to time.

Another fun activity that we recommend is climbing into the “waterball” amusement ride. You can find the Aussie Waterballs within the Pacific Fair Shopping Center which is located directly on the Gold Coast. Here you will get to climb into a huge bubble ball, and move it along the water beneath you. You are actually floating on the water! Although the ride lasts only 8 minutes, it is extremely exciting. All riders must be either 5 or over to go on and it is $10 for each person. This is a great activity for adults and children to enjoy.