Finding the Best Rental Deals

Getting a holiday car for the use of traveling around town is normal for most visitors that come from different countries and want to explore many places in Australia. The only problem is that during the holidays, a flock of international travelers will come and populate the area, making everything seem crowded. You should try to take advantage when it comes to discount air fares. Flying to your destination, picking up the car hire Brisbane or another destination has waiting, and leaving the airport is the quickest and easiest way to get started on your journey in Australia.
What if you are a traveler who is new to Australia and has not had much experience when it comes to renting a car? No problem, this is what we are here to help you with. You need to know what is the best package for you once a car rental company gives you different options. For example, you may be attracted to the seven day rental that has an extra 3 days included. However, you were already planning on spending the last four days at your aunt’s house in Australia for a big party. Because of this, you might be inclined to take the 5 day package instead since it will save you money.

car-hire-brisbaneRemember that the extra three days is completely complimentary for using the car hire service so why not take them up on that offer? The party is only for a day and if you don’t want to spend all that time being stuck in someone else’s house then you certainly don’t have to!
A rental deal has different packages for each traveler and while some will be attracted to a few offers, others might not take interest in those same packages. If you need a car for only two days and the rental company explains that by purchasing one more day, they give you an extra day for free – this is a great deal. After all, you are only going to spend an extra $25-$40 depending on the type of vehicle you’ve booked. Too bad not many hotels give this offer as it is extremely rare but you will find some car rental companies that do.
In order to get the best car rental deals, you’ll need to book during a special. For example, if the car rental company is giving 15% off on all car rentals, it is important to book ahead of time. You want to reserve your slot so that when you get to Australia, you can already begin saving money on your car rental. This is a great way to get a deal that will land money back in your pocket. This money can be used for the family, going to dinner, and even shopping. For example, if you plan on taking a car for 6 days and with a 10% off on rentals for 4 days, you will get 40% back! This is an outstanding savings, especially if your car rental cost $70 per day for a large van.